THE Witness Stand

Where the Testimony of the Tried Word is Heard

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Blessings to you in the name of the Yeshua HaMashiyach:


         In this premiere release of  “The Witness Stand,”  I pray you confirm these words as one made alive in the Truth.  It is the intent that all the contents conveyed on “The Witness Stand,”  be the Truth, the whole Truth and nothing but the Truth.  Indeed, the following testimonies should rest solely on the Truth of the Word of Elohim, which is the Holy Bible, made up of the Tanach and the Netzrim Ketuvim.   As in any court of Law, the witness stand affords testimonies to be given by those who have relevant information to the case at hand.  As one who has witnessed the reality of the Word of Elohim, which has revealed the identity of the Messiah, the plan of Eternal Salvation, and the plans for planet Earth, I have been called upon at this hour to testify of what the Torah and the Nevyim (the Prophets) have been foretold long ago. 

       Most would agree that moving in such a faith, an implicit trust worthy in no one less than a loving Creator.  Then certainly it is consistent to expect that this infinite Eternal Love would verbalize his directions and his will, these being the foundation and manifest  instructions, The Torah (instruction) of Elohim is intended to make straight our way toward Him, fastening our eyes on the Way of abiding, only to be caught up to His Holy Habitation, the Glorious Kingdom of Elohim, the Heavenly Yerushalayim, the Mother of us all. 

        The necessity for the Torah of Elohim is in fact wrapped within the mystery of the Messiah and His relationship to Israel and the people of Elohim, made up of every nation under the sun which are submitted to the Son.  This speaks of Circumcision, but not made by hands, one of the heart, which is after the new man in the righteousness which is through faith.  Being then circumcised and sealed by the  Spirit of Truth, those called of Elohim will follow the path, which is of old, of ancient times;  this sure passageway has been trodden by the Patriarchs, the Prophets, and made perfect through the sufferings of the bruised son of David, Yeshua the son the carpenter from Nazareth among the tribes of the timeless Hebrews.  It is of fact that this Yeshua, a son of Avraham, is strong evidence that the Holy One, blessed be He, suffers long  for the Redemption of man.  The message of Salvation through Yeshua’s Pascal offering, being made a an atonement for sin, fulfilling Father Avraham’s provisory lamb which would finds his place in a thicket of thorns.  It was these very brambles which Adam’s  saw in his day, having reaped the wages of the Fall gathering thorns and thistles and theorizing of what is might be like to see the day of redemption, repair and restoration.  For you were bought with a price, His blood, therefore glorify Elohim in your bodies awaiting for the earnest of the Spirit, that we might know, the REDEMPTION of our bodies!  

       In His parting words to His talmidim (disciples) prior to His ascension to the Right-hand of Majesty, Yeshua commissioned them with these words: "Ye shall be my witnesses, in Yerushalayim, Yehudah, Shomron, and the uttermost parts of the earth." As one who has heard this call, I humbly step up to the witness stand here in cyberspace to set the record straight.  Yeshua is in fact the promised Messiah, anticipated long ago by the people of Yisrael.  Though some insist that the Jewish nation would have recognized His identity, I will present the evidence that details this Historical oversight, that it was not only expressed clearly in Bible prophecy, but will serve as the impetus to how the whole world shall be judged in that day.  While on the witness stand, I will also present overwhelming evidence revealing the criminal conspiracy that has been perpetrated again mankind since the beginning.  Today, this conspiracy continues by its lawless means to subjugate the creation, by distorted the truth through smoke and mirrors and outright false testimony.  Come hear as the testimony of the tried word is heard, and the take advantage of the The Witness Stand to learn the full Truth.


Aramaic English New Testament by Andrew Gabriel Roth

The Aramaic English New Testament by Andrew Gabriel Roth is the most definitive Aramaic to English translation that has come forth in nearly 2,000 years. Not only does this Aramaic based New Testament Bible render the Ancient Aramaic in a way that is easy for every English reader to understand, but it investigates nuances, poetry and hidden codes of the New Testament that until now have only been available to Hebrew and Aramaic scholars. Compiled, Edited & Translated with consultation to both Ancient and Modern Authorities including the Khabouris Codex and the 1905 Edition of the Syriac New Testament by the British and Foreign Bible Society.